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Family Fun Day and Video Game Storyboarding

Family Fun Day and Video Game Storyboarding

The Science Museum will organise a bus to pick your family up from the Langley Academy.

Bus will depart at 10am on the 16th August.

It will return you to the Langley Academy, picking you up from the Science Museum at 4pm.

The Science Museum will pay for the bus.

The Science Museum will also provide entertainment (as appropriate) parents/guardians and family while you meet with the designers.

The museum is a busy place and we would like you to bring at least one adult for every 3 children but no more than 2 adults per family group.

If you have any questions please contact Jasmine Spavieri at 020 7942 4902 email




We’re organising a family Fun Day on August 16th for you to show your families the Museum and your project.
We will organise a show for you all, try out the simulators and have a pizza party amongst other fun things!
Soon to come is a list of shows you can go see and what they are about (do you want to learn about explosions or intestines?). Do you want an IMAX experience or try out the 50 interactives on the Launchpad? Let me know! have a great summer everyone!!!


See you all at CAS week fair next Thursday!

I’ll be bringing some cool objects which represent our content so you can show everyone else what you’ve been looking at so far!




Hello all,

we are racking our brains to come up with an exhibtion TITLE!

We would love your suggestions!

The title will have to tell the visitors something about the exhibition they are about to walk into.

For example, the Who Am I? exhibition is about identity and tries to answer some questions about who we are.

Our exhibition is about PAIN and the way it is both in the body and the mind. it also talks about finding new treatments. So far we have come up with:

Pain less: Think it, feel it?

Pain killer: Think it, feel it?

What do these titles make you think about? Do they make sense to you? Ready for suggestions!



Hello all,

as I mentioned to some of you last session, there will be a Senseless stand during your school fair!

This gives you a chance to present what you have been doing to the rest of the school, invite them to the gallery opening and to go view the exhibition, and of course to play your game!

There are many things you could do with this stand, and this blog is a chance for us to discuss it as well. Here are a few example of what you might do:

  • Draw up all the ideas you have had for content and games so far and explain to your friends that designing a game is not as easy as it might seem!
  • I bet you didn’t know that….. Talk about the science behind it all… what facts struck you the most? Share them with everyone else.
  • Tell stories about the people you’ve encountered along the sessions, brilliant scientists and museum experts…
  • Have some fun objects that you think would draw people in to play with. For example: a mirror box, a cup to collect spider venom in, a tarantula (don’t worry, a dead one…), an xbox controller etc. any more ideas?


You can even draw some sketches to design a banner or poster for the stand and upload them here.

See you on the 11th!







Quickly, quickly your patient is waking up! More anaesthesia… but not too much!

“A futuristic game in which you are the anaesthesiologist and you must dose the anaesthesia in your patient. An electronic device monitors the patient’s consciousness.”

Anaesthesia is like a balancing act, give too little and the patient wakes, give too much and they might never wake up…




With your hand on a burning flame, your body is trying to send your brain a pain signal, but something is blocking the way….
It’s a puzzle and you have to solve it, and you only have 2 minutes! Once you solve the puzzle and avoided the pain, you can progress to the next level. Different things can make the puzzle easier or harder (e.g. genetic mutations, tarantula venom).